Lesley Corbett

My interest in printmaking was initially sparked during my studies for an Art Foundation course in 1999/2000. Over the following years I experimented with a wide range of media – textiles, photography, jewellery, ceramics, stained glass – but I really feel that printmaking is the form that most captivates me. So in 2011 I undertook the Curwen Print Study Centre Certificate in Printmaking. I completed the Advanced Term 4 in 2014.

I am fascinated by the range of techniques and the different options available to me as an artist – a journey through the stages of producing a print and then the excitement of the “reveal” when you see the outcome of your hard work.

The attention to detail, the complex choices that will influence the end result, but also the accessibility of prints which allow so many people to enjoy your work.

You could say that my work is inspired by travel in the widest and the narrowest sense – my prints are often based on natural forms from locations such as New Zealand, Japan and Madagascar, but also from scenes very close to home on the River Cam.